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Re: Looking for man pages

Bob McConnell wrote:

> OK, so the first step is to convert the SUS HTML into a more usable
> format. Or do they already make the source files available? Then verify
> and add details to the compatibility list, and finally apply the
> differences defined to the files from step one. Only the second and
> third steps require manual work. Only the second requires a lot of
> knowledge about your implementation, and it should be done after each
> significant update anyway.

There is a download link at the bottom of the page:

But I think you're missing the fact that the license of this standard is
fairly restrictive:
<>.  You're
allowed to view the standard online from their site in HTML or PDF
format, or download a personal copy for offline viewing, but that's
about it.  You're not allowed to distribute your own copies of it, or
convert it to any other format and distribute copies of that, and so on.

I believe that one or more Linux distributions successfully lobbied the
Open Group for a special exemption to the license so that they could
include a copy in their distro, but obviously that's not of use to us
since we're not a Linux distro.


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