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Re: Looking for man pages

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> No, it doesn't.  It's still the old documentation not updated for... at
> least... no, even longer.  The new one reflects the state of Cygwin from
> CVS/recent snapshots.  Did I mention how much such a project depends on
> volunteers, lately?

You're saying that the docs cleanup needs to be backported to the 1.5.24
branch (cr-0x5f1 ?) from HEAD then, right?  The last .24 release was API
minor 156, so that would mean removing reference to:

      157: Export gai_strerror, getaddrinfo, getnameinfo, freeaddrinfo,
           in6addr_any, in6addr_loopback.
      158: Export bindresvport, bindresvport_sa, iruserok_sa, rcmd_af,
      159: Export posix_openpt.
      160: Export posix_fadvice, posix_fallocate.
      161: Export resolver functions.
      162: New struct ifreq.  Export if_nametoindex, if_indextoname,
           if_nameindex, if_freenameindex.
      163: Export posix_madvise, posix_memalign.
      164: Export shm_open, shm_unlink.
      165: Export mq_close, mq_getattr, mq_notify, mq_open, mq_receive,
           mq_send, mq_setattr, mq_timedreceive, mq_timedsend,
      166: Export sem_unlink.
      167: Add st_birthtim to struct stat.
      168: Export asnprintf, dprintf, _Exit, vasnprintf, vdprintf.
      169: Export confstr.
      170: Export insque, remque.
      171: Export exp10, exp10f, pow10, pow10f, strcasestr, funopen,
      172: Export getifaddrs, freeifaddrs.
      173: Export __assert_func.

If that's what's necessary I can take a look at doing it, just wanted to
be sure we're on the same page first.


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