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Re: Looking for man pages

On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 12:18:11PM -0700, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Bob McConnell wrote:
>> I can't find any links to anything other than one sample man page. We
>> already have copies of that spec, although I have never had any cause to
>> read it.
>Wha?  The SUSv3 is extremely thorough, consisting of many hundreds of
>man pages:
>> What steps are involved to convert those pages?
>The problem with lifting man pages from Linux is that those man pages
>document ... Linux.  Not Cygwin.
>There are a number of areas where either Cygwin doesn't implement some
>extension that glibc provides, or Cygwin implements something in a
>different way, or Cygwin doesn't support particular options of a given
>API.  Just transplanting these linux-specific docs would utterly confuse
>people because they'd be incorrect.  So what really needs to happen is
>that someone who is familiar with the internals of Cygwin needs to adapt
>the linux documentation so that it reflects the reality of Cygwin, and
>*that* is why it's not been done.  It's not just a matter of format
>conversion or packaging.

I wonder if having slightly inaccurate manpages is better or worse than
having no manpages at all though.  I really don't know which is more


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