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Re: How to link with third party libraries using gcc

km4hr wrote:

It sounds like the solution could range from something as simple as
including the ".lib" files on the gcc command line on up to complicated
stuff I've never heard of like "decorations", "toolchains", and "calling

I tried the simple suggestion. I copied the ".lib" files to the directory
where my program is located. I then entered the following command:

gcc myprog.c library1.lib library2.lib -o myprog

I got "undefined reference to ..." errors. One for each library function in
my program.

Next I removed the ".lib" files from the gcc command string as follows:

gcc myprog.c -o myprog

I got exactly the same errors as I did with the ".lib" files included.
Apparently gcc has no idea what the ".lib" files are.

No, it means the '.lib' you gave it doesn't have any of the symbols you
need.  'nm' it and see if it has any symbols at all and what they look
like.  Compare that with feedback you get from the link.  If the symbols
look similar but are different by just "@" and some number suffixes, then
you have a calling convention/decoration problem.  Time to read up on that

Since I have no comprehesion of "decorations", "toolchains", and "calling
conventions", or how to find out what that means, I wonder if there's
another explanation. I've got a sinking feeling about this. As if I'm going
where no man has gone before.

Not at all.  But you need to learn a little bit about the platform you're
working with before things will make some sense to you.

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