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Re: Call for testing: New setup.exe version

Brian Dessent wrote:

>> How would you like a crash report, gdb? the event message? a snapshot of how it
>> looks freezed?
> I guess a gdb stack trace would be best.  There's a copy with debug
> symbols in the /snapshots/ dir.  Ideally, I'd like a way to reproduce
> the crash, but that's wishful thinking.  Is this repeatable?  Does it
> happen with the previous version?

Log of crash included, I just did the same operations and it crashed again.
Didn't try the previous version (never seen the "incomplete download" message).

>> After doing most of the downloads (1 left) it stopped saying "... incomplete
>> download, want to retry?", after retrying first started to download again what
>> it already had downloaded the first time, then stopped in the middle (much
>> earlier than before) with the same message, using "Cancel" seems to continue
>> installing, then it crashed pretty hard, took down Dr.Watson with it.
> Are you using "direct connection" or "IE settings"?  


> Unfortunately this doesn't really tell much of anything, other than it
> looks like it dereferenced a bogus pointer.

Gdb's log is much better.
René Berber

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