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RE: GCC 4.1.1

> From: On Behalf Of Brian Dessent
> Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 4:42 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: GCC 4.1.1
> "Frederich, Eric P21322" wrote:
> > I'm trying to get gcc on Cygwin to the same version that I 
> use on Linux
> > and Solaris (4.1.1).
> > There is no "need" for this, but it would be nice to have 
> all platforms
> > I'm trying to support on the same version.
> I'm really not sure why you're doing this, and especially why 
> if you're going to
> use a 4.x release you're using sucn an old one.  If anything, 
> I'd use the 4.3
> branch, since it contains a lot of things relevant to Cygwin 
> like a modern
> libtool.
> Anyway, the 3.4 packaged version of gcc has a number of local 
> fixes that aren't
> upstream, so if you want a stable compiler then you should 
> use this one, not a
> FSF release.  You should know what these issues are and if 
> they matter to you
> before using a version of gcc built yourself.  If gcc4 was 
> stable on Cygwin
> there would be packages for it, it's not just a matter of 
> nobody having time to
> build them.
> With that out of the way, it's possible to get -mno-cygwin 
> working with gcc4
> just fine, it shouldn't take any patches.  You'll of course 
> have to build gcc
> again as the MinGW version, and set up some symlinks.  See 
> the postinstall of
> the gcc package for details.
> Brian

Thanks a bunch.  I will use the 3.4 that came with cygwin.  It is not
worth the hassle to get gcc 4 working if it is not straight forward and
will not be stable.  Like I said, I'm not doing anything that needs gcc
4 support.

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