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Re: GCC 4.1.1

"Frederich, Eric P21322" wrote:

> I'm trying to get gcc on Cygwin to the same version that I use on Linux
> and Solaris (4.1.1).
> There is no "need" for this, but it would be nice to have all platforms
> I'm trying to support on the same version.

I'm really not sure why you're doing this, and especially why if you're going to
use a 4.x release you're using sucn an old one.  If anything, I'd use the 4.3
branch, since it contains a lot of things relevant to Cygwin like a modern

Anyway, the 3.4 packaged version of gcc has a number of local fixes that aren't
upstream, so if you want a stable compiler then you should use this one, not a
FSF release.  You should know what these issues are and if they matter to you
before using a version of gcc built yourself.  If gcc4 was stable on Cygwin
there would be packages for it, it's not just a matter of nobody having time to
build them.

With that out of the way, it's possible to get -mno-cygwin working with gcc4
just fine, it shouldn't take any patches.  You'll of course have to build gcc
again as the MinGW version, and set up some symlinks.  See the postinstall of
the gcc package for details.


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