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Call for testing: New setup.exe version

The version of Cygwin's setup.exe in CVS (and available as snapshots) is
superior to the current release in many ways.  It has been far too long
since the last release, and for that I apologise.

One minor problem that has held back the release has been that the
current version has the setup_legacy.ini functionality if running on
9x/ME.  The 9x fork of the distro has not happened yet, so this is still
a little premature.  Therefore, I've created a release branch and
reverted this functionality on the branch.

The result is:

Please test this version.  If there are no major show-stoppers, I plan
to make this the current version on Sunday evening, July 1.  A list of
what's changed is below.


 - Don't append a trailing slash to local package directory location if it
   already has one, or it ends in a backslash.

 - Be more robust in falling back to setup.ini if setup.bz2 doesn't exist
   or appears to be corrupt.

 - Fix crashes and improve specificity of error messages when encountering
   an .ini file parse error.  Make progress meter active during parsing of a
   bz2-compressed .ini file.

 - At the last install step, inform the user of success/failure at the bottom
   of the main panel instead of with an annoying message box popup.

 - Fix bug that caused a wrong version of a source package to be selected
   in some cases due to erroniously comparing versions as text instead of

 - Gracefully handle the case where two packages contain a postinstall script
   of the same name.

 - Allow interactively retrying to replace open files.

 - Create Cygwin.bat with upper-case C to make filename TAB completion of
   /cygdrive more convenient.

 - Fix unreadable chooser page due to bad background colour problem.

 - Make categories named with an initial "." default to expanded display.

 - Fix a class of crashes due to poor string handling.  Remove use of custom
   String class in favor of std::string.

 - Update DNS names to preferred forms: and

 - Handle dropped mirrors elegantly.

 - Fix incorrect logging of postinstall script success/failure.

 - Provide indication of site that a file is being downloaded from.

 - Fix command line options to override cached selections.

 - Sort the mirrors list by logical structure of DNS names.

 - Do not attempt to reopen a missing package database on initial install.

 - Cache mirror list and use local copy if server unavailable.

 - Slightly improve logged error messages.

 - Run postinstall scripts in dependency order.

 - Fix problem of FTP connections timing out and not being retried.

 - Change checkbox label to "Hide obsolete packages" and add tooltip that
   explains in more detail what it does.

 - Set tooltip timeout delay to 30 seconds.

 - Fix problem of text and icons using white background instead of user's
   selected color.

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