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Re: getting emacs in cygwin

I had that annoyance to, but  I used a shell login script to erase the
offense windows box.
Something like this.  I used zsh, but you should be able to translate
it to bash easily.
It's not elegant, but it gets rid of the windows box.

I forgot which one, but I think the "cnime.exe" or "cmd.exe" is the
windows box that you find annoying.
---- script called from login script.... start
#! /bin/zsh

# A is declared as a null array below:

# Below I search for offending processes that i don't like..
ps -W | grep "\(conime.exe\|ctfmon.exe\|cmd.exe\)"   >~/tmp-z

# Set array 'A' to offensive processe's #'S or Name's (I forgot)
#...below the process names are extracted .. This is (blush)  hard
coded offsets...
A=(`cut -d" " -f6-9  ~/tmp-z`)
rm ~/tmp-z

if [[ $#A == 0 ]] ; then return 1
# below loop to kill all offensive processes found...
for PID in $A[*]
  kill -f $PID
------------ end
thanks, the putty stuff works great.  curiously, it still brings up a cygwin
terminal before it brings up the putty terminal.  i can delete the terminal
without a problem, but i'd like to keep it from showing up in the first
place, if possible.
here's my cygwin.bat file:

i can get emacs to run in a separate window, but not inside the putty
terminal (which would be really nice sometimes).  my emacs command is just
the emacs.exe, but i also tried runemacs.exe as the executable, but the
results were the same.  is there a different executable i should be using?

thanks for the great help! -- lou

I use a cygwin compiled and build version of emacs, the most recent test version, but it sounds to me like you did not use setup and download the existing emacs binary from cygwin. "runemacs.exe" is NOT cygwin compatible, ..... or how to say it... IT is build native to windows. You need a native cygwin ( operating system compatiable .. like POSIX supplied by cygwin to get emacs to understand x-windows and terminals.

Try downloading the emacs binaries that cygwin has and try it.

Ah.. and  run "startx &" to get into an X-windown terminal and then
run emacs....
to get the X-window graphic emacs (from cygwin or built by yourself) running.


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