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Re: getting emacs in cygwin

illuzioner wrote:

Wynfield Henman wrote:
   yes, you can run emacs in cygwin in either of two modes, which
emacs figures out by itself.  Either in terminal mode if invoked from
a terminal emulator like, say putty or in full graphical mode if
executed from one of cywin's X-windows.

And yes, you can run a shell inside it too, if you set up .emacs init
file right.

Do this in your  "cygwin.bat" file.
c:/.../putty.exe -cygterm -load lou_cyg_putty

But, first you have to create the putty session load file", which in
the above case
I arbitrary named "lou_cyg_putty" ,  You can give it any name  you wish.
Where in this example "lou_cyg_putty" is the name you gave to a"putty
you customized for a cygwin window" and then saved it from withing the
"Putty configuration" window.  For example, set you screen title in
"Window"-> "Behavior" to
"Lou's Cygwin Putty Terminal" or what ever... Set sizes, character
fonts and then
give these a session name and click [Save].

Then everytime you invoke cygwin the putty terminal will come up,
without having the putty configuration screen always come up.

Another really great thing about putty terminals is that you can cut
and paste.  This
       I find a great time saver.

thanks, the putty stuff works great. curiously, it still brings up a cygwin
terminal before it brings up the putty terminal. i can delete the terminal
without a problem, but i'd like to keep it from showing up in the first
place, if possible. here's my cygwin.bat file:
@echo off
set CYGWIN=tty
f:/cygwin/puttycyg-20070320/putty.exe -cygterm -load CygwinPuttyTerminal
chdir F:\cygwin\bin

REM bash --login -i

i can get emacs to run in a separate window, but not inside the putty
terminal (which would be really nice sometimes).  my emacs command is just
the emacs.exe, but i also tried runemacs.exe as the executable, but the
results were the same.  is there a different executable i should be using?

thanks for the great help! -- lou

See 'man run'.  If this complains, run 'setup.exe' and install the 'run'
package.  Then try again.

-- Larry Hall RFK Partners, Inc. (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office 216 Dalton Rd. (508) 893-9889 - FAX Holliston, MA 01746


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