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Re: Reloaded Win XP, now need to reload cygwin - sorta

Vidiot wrote:
I had to replace the mobo because, well, simple, the other one died :-(

I had to reload WinXP-SP2 because the mobo drivers that were there didn't
simply cause an error and abort, they caused (or at least the one that did this)
the boot process to fail and caused a reboot.  So, XP-SP2 was reloaded.

All of the cygwin install files from the previous install are there, but
obviously all of the files that were installed into XP are now gone, as well
as any startup stuff, like crontab.

If I rerun the installer at point it at the local copy of the install files,
will I be ok, in that, it won't remove my currently installed user files?
Or should I make a copy of that user directory and then copy it back after
the install?

I have important scripts there that I do not want to lose.

'setup.exe' will only remove files when uninstalling or upgrading. It won't
remove configuration files that have been modified. Also, if the "user files" in question were not installed by Cygwin, they will not be touched.

Also, where was/is the crontab file placed when crontab -e is run?


Keep in mind that if XP has been reinstalled, the ownership of the files will not be correct. Best to update the ownerships in Windows.

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