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Re: Building Apache Custom Modules on Cygwin?

Lee Goddard wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a URI or book for custom-coded C modules for the
> Apache 2.2.* series, specifically on cygwin?

I very much doubt that anything dealing specifically with Cygwin has
been written.

> I've been looking at a few tutorials for the same on Unix, but they end
> in "make" errors on Cygwin, referring to paths unexpectedly being those
> of directories and not files. It's been years since I programmed C, and
> my confidence in my new project would be boosted to know that I'm doing
> the right thing for my dev platform.

You can try posting a copy/paste of your errors to this list, and you
may get some answers.

Building any sort of plugin/module on Cygwin tends to be fraught with
the difficulties of dealing with the differences of the Windows DLL
system as compared with the Linux equivalent. As such, it's not the
easiest dev platform to be learning on.


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