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Re: cygwin on usb problems

* nanothief (Sun, 24 Jun 2007 03:15:01 -0700 (PDT))
> I've installed cygwin onto my usb drive using the guide at
> but I am having
> problems with file permissions with it. For various reasons, I choose to
> install cygwin onto a ntfs partition. When I create files on one computer
> from within cygwin, and then try to edit them from another computer, the
> permissions are denied for it. Also, if one computer the login is "Fred",
> and it is different on another computer, the owner and group become either
> random numbers or question marks.
> To fix this, is either of the following two settings possible:
> 1) Disable file permissions on cygwin. Even if a file is not owned by the
> current user, I could still edit it.
> 2) Allow a user/group combination that is not tied to the windows
> environment the cygwin is running on. For example, root:root. (this would be
> best)
> The last solution I could think of was removing the umask 022 command from
> the /etc/profile. This (I think) would have the effect of making all new
> created files having 777 or 666 permissions. However, does this affect files
> created from scripts or other programs? Or is there another solution to my
> problem that I haven't thought of?

Yeah, switch back to FAT. I had the same issue. NTFS without 
permissions is senseless.


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