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Re: getting emacs in cygwin

Wynfield Henman wrote:
> Lou,
>    yes, you can run emacs in cygwin in either of two modes, which
> emacs figures out by itself.  Either in terminal mode if invoked from
> a terminal emulator like, say putty or in full graphical mode if
> executed from one of cywin's X-windows.
> And yes, you can run a shell inside it too, if you set up .emacs init
> file right.
> Do this in your  "cygwin.bat" file.
> c:/.../putty.exe -cygterm -load lou_cyg_putty
> But, first you have to create the putty session load file", which in
> the above case
> I arbitrary named "lou_cyg_putty" ,  You can give it any name  you wish.
> Where in this example "lou_cyg_putty" is the name you gave to a"putty
> session
> you customized for a cygwin window" and then saved it from withing the
> "Putty configuration" window.  For example, set you screen title in
> "Window"-> "Behavior" to
> "Lou's Cygwin Putty Terminal" or what ever... Set sizes, character
> fonts and then
> give these a session name and click [Save].
> Then everytime you invoke cygwin the putty terminal will come up,
> without having the putty configuration screen always come up.
>> thanks!
>> lou
> Another really great thing about putty terminals is that you can cut
> and paste.  This
>        I find a great time saver.
> Regards,
>   Henman

thanks, the putty stuff works great.  curiously, it still brings up a cygwin
terminal before it brings up the putty terminal.  i can delete the terminal
without a problem, but i'd like to keep it from showing up in the first
place, if possible.  
here's my cygwin.bat file:
@echo off
set CYGWIN=tty
f:/cygwin/puttycyg-20070320/putty.exe -cygterm -load CygwinPuttyTerminal
chdir F:\cygwin\bin

REM bash --login -i

i can get emacs to run in a separate window, but not inside the putty
terminal (which would be really nice sometimes).  my emacs command is just
the emacs.exe, but i also tried runemacs.exe as the executable, but the
results were the same.  is there a different executable i should be using?

thanks for the great help! -- lou

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