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is perl braindead?

From what I read the following should work, but it doesn't.
Can one of you familiar with cygwin's perl help me out.

Why doesn't the test, -d, for directory work on the subdirectory?
It should, in my considered opinion.
Below is sufficient code to perform a simple test.

Your help is appreciated.


prepare for the test from the command line:
$ mkdir /bozo
$ mkdir  /bozo/bozo_the_clown_dir

Check this:
find /bozo -type d -print
-- ok we have a directory and it has a subdirectory

Sample code:
------------------ start of simple perl program
#! /bin/perl

my $ldir="/bozo";

   if ( ! opendir DH, $ldir)
	print "Couldn't open as a dir: $ldir. \n";
	exit 0;

   print "Processing directory: $ldir\n";
   while ( $_ = readdir(DH) ) 	   # will be either a file or directory name
       if ( $_ eq "." or $_ eq ".." ) { print "dir . or ..\n"; next; }
       if ( -d $_ ) { print "This is directory: $_\n"; next; }
       print "Escaped detection $_\n";

   close (DH);
---------------------------- end of sample code

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