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Re: timestamp confusion

Dave Korn wrote:
On 20 June 2007 20:06, Christian Franke wrote:

... with Windows DST bug IMO the most annoying:

Wait until next DST change and enjoy 1 hour time shifts in the opposite

Is this fixed on Vista? Bug was still present on Vista RC1.

Troll. You know the answer really and you're only asking because you can't
/believe/ what you heard and want someone to actually come out and say it out
loud, so I will:

The troll actually read somewhere that this has been "changed" in Vista.

  It's not a bug, it's by design, it is deliberate and Microsoft are never
going to "fix" it, because that's how they *want* it to work.

OK not a bug, a design ... flaw.

My idea was to supply a patch for Cygwin's stat()/utime() that optionally corrects the time stamp in the FAT case.
(Other apps like native Win32 release of INFO zip already do).
This would prevent time shifts when copying files from the other DST zone between FAT and NTFS.



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