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Re: using chere

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Lewis Hyatt wrote:
> Hi Everyone-
> If I run chere like this:
> chere -iam1 -s bash -t cmd
> or like this:
> chere -iam2 -s bash -t cmd
> Then it behaves as expected. What I was hoping was to get the same
> functionality, but have it pop up an xterm for me instead of the cmd
> window. Is this supposed to work? I tried this:
> chere -iam1 -s bash -t xterm
> and this:
> chere -iam2 -s bash -t xterm
> In both cases, the shell extension is installed as expected, but when I
> click on "Bash prompt here", nothing happens.
> Anyway, does anyone have any advice what might be happening? I couldn't
> find anything in the archives. This happens no matter which shell I use,
> and even with an empty .profile, .login, .bashrc. Thanks!
> -Lewis
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is c:\cygwin\bin\ (or whereever cygwin's BIN directory is) in your PATH?
is there an x server running?
(hint: install Singular CAS for a simple startup script)

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