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Re: A problem about Cygwin

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Eric Blake wrote:
> - redirecting to the list.
> According to W? on 6/2/2007 7:58 AM:
>> Dear Mr. Eric Blake,
>> I am a Chinese student and I am using Cygwin. I have a problem when I
>> use the command 'ls -l'.
>> I have uncommented the ~/.inputrc:
>> # Allow 8-bit input/output
>> set meta-flag on
>> set convert-meta off
>> set input-meta on
>> set output-meta on
>> set completion-ignore-case on
>> and added follows into the ~/.bashrc:
>> export LC_ALL=zh_CN.GBK
>> export LANG=zh_CN.GBK
>> alias ls='/bin/ls -hF --show-control-chars --color=tty'
>> Then, when I use 'ls', Cygwin can display the Chinese character
>> correctly. But if I use 'ls -l', it appears some error like this:
>> $ ll
>> drwx------+ 3 luobin None 0 May 16 22:18 runtime-°úMn/
>> drwx------+ 21 ???????? ???????? 0 Jun 1 18:56 src/
>> The appendix is the screen print. I expect you can help me. Thank you!
> I'm removing the screen capture, but the difference was that the group and
> user names showed only "?" while filenames showed actual Chinese
> characters (rather than "?", as they were flattened to in the above
> display).  Do those user and group names actually contain Chinese
> characters, or is it just a case of your /etc/passwd and /etc/groups being
> out-of-date so that cygwin really does think they are "????????"?  With a
> quick glance at the ls source code, ls doesn't do anything special to
> non-ascii characters in group and user names.  So maybe you need to read
> up on the use of mkgroups and mkpasswd.

the problem i see here is not the cygwin install but what windows is
telling Cygwin. I would assume that the windows install is set to have
pinyin input and chineese language settings as defaults?

i am sending this message to both the lists and the OP [original poster]
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