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Re: SSH Authentication / Impersonation Question

Andrew Hodgson wrote:

>> Try `ssh administrator@localhost` after you login to the server as a
>> (PowerUser)
>> user.  You should be able to do almost anything as Administrator.
> The user we are impersonating (via pubkey auth) is an admin user. Are
> you suggesting that once logged in via pubkey, we ssh to localhost
> again?

Yes, `ssh administrator@localhost` is equivalent to `su administrator`, I am
guessing that your "admin" user does not have all the privileges needed.

It could be used only to test the hypothesis that something changed and "admin"
doesn't work.  I have no experience/knowledge of what may have changed and what
needs to be done to fix it.

>> Another option would be to tunnel a Remote Desktop Connection.
> Sorry, I'm not sure what's meant by this. The script that executes the
> "net stop w3svc" command is a web deployment script, so using the GUI
> isn't necessary, I hope!

This was related to the GUI control that IIS has, you could use it if you want
manual control.  Of course it's not usable with a script, so better scratch my idea.
René Berber

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