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Re: Batch installation, possibly without setup.exe?

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007, fergus wrote:

> > In particular: does setup.exe fiddle with the registry
> > or other files that can't be just overwritten as a whole?
> Mainly (entirely?) setup sees to (a) location and (b) mounts.

And (c) postinstall scripts, which may produce different results from
machine to machine.  Just FYI.

> After it's done you might want to fiddle with mkpasswd or mkgroup for
> individual users on their individual machines, but it's my experience*
> that you wouldn't actually need to.

You wouldn't unless you plan to run anything that has to do with
permissions and/or authentication.

BTW, mkpasswd/mkgroup *are* built in a postinstall script.
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