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Re: Batch installation, possibly without setup.exe?

> I'm not sure why 'setup.exe' would take significantly longer to
> install than a copy when it comes to putting it on a USB drive
> (never tried it).
> Obviously, you'd skip the download part and install from a
> previously downloaded local directory of packages (that got created
> when you installed Cygwin on the source machine).

Yes, the time taken isn't in the downloading but in the writing to the USB device. I think this is a feature of Windows' management of the activity, however it's contrived (whether setup or copy or unzip). I wrote to the flash drive manufacturer with a sheaf of time stats, moaning about the geological duration of minor tasks. They replied, That's normal.

On the other hand, if (as I intended to make clear but didn't) you devolve the task to Linux with

cp -vr /host /target # or equivalent

then the whole thing absolutely flies along, the blue light flashing on the target device like a cop car, and the file audit screaming up the screen too fast even to count the pages. I reckon 160,000 files / 3.6G in less than an hour (I've got a lot under /home/). Quite what holds Windows up, I can't think. It would be easier to hew the files out of granite.


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