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Re: Cygwin allocted time slice

On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 08:41:47AM -0700, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Aaron Gray wrote:
>> Weird I was getting very long compile times for GCC and on using 'time' was
>> getting indications that make was only getting 25% of total system time.
>> I'll see if it is repeatable on another system.
>Hint: Cygwin is slow.
>Emulating fork() takes a complicated dance between parent and child.  A
>lot of this involves one waiting for the other to complete a stage of
>initialization.  Thus, a Cygwin process that spawns a lot of children
>does a lot of waiting.  It is a price you pay for being able to compile
>POSIX source unmodified on Windows.
>Also, I/O.
>Also, Cygwin is around ten years old now, and people have been
>complaining that it's slow for approximately 9 years and 364 days.

Actually, I've been involved with Cygwin for ten years but it is at
least a couple of years older than that.

So that would be a mix of:

Why is cygwin so slow?

Hey where do I find perl?  I get "command not found"!

Hey why does gcc hang sometimes?  Am I missing a setting?

Why is cygwin so slow?

Why is cygwin so slow?

Cygwin is great but I sure could use perl.  Is it available?

I notice that when there is a complicated bash script cygwin
seems to hang or error out.  I've tried reinstalling it but that
takes forever.  Do I need to buy more RAM?

Why is cygwin so slow?

Why is cygwin so slow?

I found perl on an external web site but it is missing package XXX.
Where do I find that?

I notice that sometimes complicated bash scripts hang.  Is it because
I have two CPUs?  Should I reinstall?

I'm using Sergey Okhapkin's version of cygwin.  It seems to fix my
problem but it sure is slow.  Is there a BIOS setting for this?

B20 rocks!  I wish it wasn's so slow.  Should I defragment my drive?



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