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Re: cross compilation

ICE wrote:

> I understand that cygwin does not provide glibc.
> does it provide uclibc ???

No.  Cygwin itself is a libc.  Therefore there is no need for any other,
nor would any other even build, since a libc is a very low level system

> if not how can i create a cross compilation tool chain.

Sign.  Native and cross are two totally different things.  If you've
been talking about a cross toolchain this whole time then that changes
all the answers.  You can't assume we know what you want when you write
these terse questions with no details.

It is completely possible to build a cross toolchain under Cygwin that
includes glibc.  See for example the crosstool script and the crossgcc
mailing list.  But you certainly can't just download glibc and run
"./configure", that is a *native* build, and there is no way that will
ever work.  And just so we're perfectly clear, the resulting output of
this cross toolchain would never be executable or usable under Cygwin or
under Windows.


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