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Re: SSH Authentication / Impersonation Question

Andrew Hodgson wrote:

> We've been using OpenSSH through Cygwin to log into a number of
> servers, and it's been great, so thanks. We sometimes have to restart
> IIS, usually through a script using pubkey auth. I learned about
> impersonation vs. authentication through not being able to use
> iisreset - we now use "net stop iisadmin" or "net stop w3svc" to
> manipulate these services. I fear that a recent update to a server has
> changed something, because now we cannot even execute "net stop
> w3svc", receiving a "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied."
> message.

Try `ssh administrator@localhost` after you login to the server as a (PowerUser)
user.  You should be able to do almost anything as Administrator.

> Is anyone else having these problems? I'm casting out the net before I
> embark on a piece by piece disassembly of the recent updates to the
> server!

Another option would be to tunnel a Remote Desktop Connection.
René Berber

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