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[OT] RE: Using a secondary install of gcc/g++ binutils

On 11 June 2007 19:58, Brian Dantes wrote:

> I see no way to configure my email client to do this -- nor do I believe it
> to be a reasonable request.

  It /is/ a "reasonable request".  Posting someone's email address to a web
archive gets them harvested and spammed.  It is universally accepted as
ToS-able network abuse when it's done with the deliberate intent to harass by
causing someone a spam-flood.  It's still harmful even when it's done
unintentionally through accident, ignorance, laziness or selfishness though.

> I don't want to have to manually edit email
> addresses when I hit reply either.

  So, because you are lazy, and because the harm only affects other people,
not yourself, you aren't going to bother?

  Don't expect to win any friends that way.

ObTopic:  I was going to discuss the libstdc++ ABI change we introduced in
3.4.4, but since you have announced your intention to post my email address
and get me spammed for my pains if I attempt to help you, I'm not inclined to
do so.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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