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Re: Problem compiling with gpc and "Uses Crt" statement in crtc.c

Will do. Thanks Dave.

On 6/7/07, Dave Korn <> wrote:
On 07 June 2007 21:41, Bruce Mahfood wrote:

> Hey thanks.  I recognised that the problem was in a system level C
> file, when I was trying to compile a Pascal file.  The thing is that
> gpc is a Pascal compiler that is linked against the gcc backend.

Heh, yes, I know. I'm the maintainer of the cygwin gcc packages.

>  The
> GNU Pascal page
> ( states
> that it implements ISO Pascal, Borland Pascal 7.0, and parts of other
> Pascal standards or de-facto standards.

  We used to have a gpc build and then it got dropped and when I took over gcc
maintainership I threw together a newer version.  It's entirely possible I did
something wrong, although it passes most of the gpc testsuite:

=== gpc tests ===

Running target any
Running testsuite ...

UNSUPPORTED: agettext2test.pas
UNSUPPORTED: aregextest.pas
FAIL: aturbo3test.pas
FAIL: avo7.pas
FAIL: crttest.pas
FAIL: dialec3.pas
FAIL: dialec5.pas
FAIL: dialec6.pas
FAIL: dialec7.pas
FAIL: fjf1021d.pas
FAIL: fjf1021h.pas
FAIL: fjf1021i.pas
FAIL: fjf1021j.pas
FAIL: fjf1021k.pas
FAIL: fjf1042b.pas
FAIL: fjf1042c.pas
UNSUPPORTED: fjf165a.pas
FAIL: fjf186.pas
UNSUPPORTED: gmptest.pas
UNSUPPORTED: longr2.pas
FAIL: mir047h.pas

=== gpc Summary ===

# of tests                4946
# of expected passes      4925
# of unexpected failures  16
# of unsupported tests    5

> I tried removing the call to Use Crt, and have other errors. I am > going to ask my question on the GNU-Pascal mailing list, since you do > not seem to feel that this is a Cygwin issue, but a) since gpc speaks > Borland, I would assume that it is not being messed up with the Uses > Crt, and b) since gpc comes as a part of the Cygwin install, and since > I installed it using the Cygwin Setup executable, I would think that > there should be no problem with it finding the correct object file, > but in this case it didn't. Why would gpc start a gcc compile of the > crtc.c file? I don't know that answer to that question.

  No, I was guessing wrongly about the purpose of the crt.* files in
.../units/.  I don't know what the problem is, so please do report back what
you find out from the pascal list and if there's a bug in the way I ported the
newer gpc to gcc-3.3.3, I'll fix it.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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