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RE: Permisson problems backing up cygwin

On 03 June 2007 18:39, Wes S wrote:

> Could someone give me a clue here.  I am trying to back up my cygwin
> installation running as the administrator and am denied rights to
> read various files in the /home/nameofuser directory structure.
> I guess I could ssh in as various users and make a tarball but it
> seems this should be easier.
> Ideas please?  W2K SP4 Outside of core utils, ruby, cron, tcsh the
> install is current.

  Depends what you mean by "backing up".  If you've installed services that
run as the SYSTEM user, any files (e.g. logfiles) they create are owned by
SYSTEM, and if they've got go-rwx perms, that means no other user, not even
Administrator can read them.

  Proper backup utilities get round this by using the flag
FILE_OPEN_FOR_BACKUP_INTENT with the native API file operations, but if you're
dragging and dropping a directory tree in explorer you'll be out of luck.

  What backup software or method are you using?

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