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Cygwin NFS file size limit ?


Is there a limit as to the size of a single file that can be
created on a Cygwin NFS exported directory ?

I have Cygwin 1.5.24-1 on Windows2003 server, using NFS services.

When using unix ufsdump command to dump a local unix file system
(ufsdump writes into a single file) into a Cygwin NFS mounted directory,
the ufsdump issues an error message:
  DUMP: 24.10% done, finished in 0:31
  DUMP: Write error 7602060 blocks into volume 1

It wrote only 2 Gb (should also be 6.5 Gb)
There is plenty of free space available on the server.

When using standard unix cp:
$ cp backup.dmp /mnt
with backup.dmp the same 6,5 Gb file (this is the ufsdump created first
into a file on the local disk), also after some 5 minutes, a message
cp: /mnt/file.dmp: Invalid argument
is given, the command aborted, and leaving no (part of) backup.dmp file in /mnt.


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