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RE: Certain files in the system32 directory are not listed

On 07 June 2007 12:13, John Cooper wrote:

> Some files that exist in the C:/WINDOWS/system32 directory are not
> listed when running `ls' or `echo' from a cygwin bash or zsh shell.
> Examples include mstsc.exe and iisapp.vbs.
> These files are both listed when running 'dir' in a Windows cmd prompt -
> they also do not seem to be "hidden" according to `attrib' and `dir /a'.
> Cygwin `ls' lists 1757 files in this directory whereas cmd's `dir' lists
> 1804.

  That's funny.  I get 2063 under cmd and 2072 from ls under bash.

/win/c/WINDOWS $ diff -pu list-from-cmd.txt list-from-ls.txt  | grep ^[+-]
--- list-from-cmd.txt           2007-06-07 12:25:50.564375000 +0100
+++ list-from-ls.txt            2007-06-07 12:25:56.330000000 +0100

> Does anyone know what might be causing this?

  In my case, cmd.exe's dir ignores files with hidden/system attribs, whereas
ls sees them.  In your case, you'll have to figure out which files one can see
that the other can't, then we can try and figure out what's special about
them.  I ran "dir /b system32 >list-from-cmd.txt" in a cmd shell in \WINDOWS
and "ls -1 system32 >list-from-ls.txt" in a bash shell in the same dir, then I
ran d2u and sort on both files and used diff as above to spot the changes.

> I'm running on Windows Server 2003 SP1 (x64) and appear to have Cygwin
> 1.5.24-2.
> (could that fact that I'm using x64 be contributing to the problem?)

  Unlikely to be related.

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