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Re: replicating my cygwin install on a different machine

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David Arnstein wrote:

> Will this alternate method work? I am thinking about trying this.
> 1. Archive the "Local Package Directory" that features in setup.exe.
> 2. Restore the above to the new computer. Preserve file structure, but
>    don't worry about permissions or symlinks. Make everything read and
>    writable by everyone.
> 3. Run setup.exe on the new computer. Apply the "Install from Local
>    Directory" option. Select the new location of the above "Local
>    Package Directory" that was restored in step 2.

No, that will not do what you want.  The only thing that the two
installs will have in common is that for any package that happens to be
selected in both installs, it is likely to have the same version since
they came from the same pool.  But even that's not a guarantee.

The local package directory should be considered just like creating a
local package mirror that contains any number of packages.  But this has
no effect on which packages are selected in setup, and just replicating
the package cache does not replicate that set of selections that the
user made when they ran setup.  Nor will it replicate any user settings,
mount points, local custom scripts, etc.  It will only result in a new,
fresh, completely-stock install of Cygwin.


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