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[ Re: replicating my cygwin install on a different machine]

----- Forwarded message from Christopher Faylor <> -----
I would not suggest using "zip" as the mechanism for backing up and
restoring.  As has been noted 10497 times in this mailing list Windows
ZIP does not properly save the bits needed to recreate things like

And, we've also mentioned at least as many times that you DO NOT MANIPULATE
THE REGISTRY DIRECTLY.  Use "mount -m" to create a .bat file suitable for
recreating the mount table.

So, the proper way to do this is to copy cygwin1.dll, tar.exe, mount.exe
to the other computer, in a temporary directory.  Run the .bat file
created by mount -m to recreate the mount table and use tar.exe to
extract the tar ball created.
----- End forwarded message -----

Will this alternate method work? I am thinking about trying this.

1. Archive the "Local Package Directory" that features in setup.exe.
2. Restore the above to the new computer. Preserve file structure, but
   don't worry about permissions or symlinks. Make everything read and
   writable by everyone.
3. Run setup.exe on the new computer. Apply the "Install from Local
   Directory" option. Select the new location of the above "Local
   Package Directory" that was restored in step 2.

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