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need working cygwin tool for https download

I tried lynx and curl on this and can't get either to work:

Since I've never used https before, I'm not sure if I'm doing something
stupid or there is a problem with lynx or the page is setup to
defeat automated download. I've had good luck with this company's
techsupport but their developer support refused to tell me how
to download a single webpage.

This created a core dump:
lynx -pauth user:xxx -dump "https://www.affymet.......

and this didn't seem to work much better:

curl --user-agent "Mozilla/4.0" --anyauth -d "logon=xxx"
-d "password=xxxc" -c cookies -L "

If you are really interested, you can get a free account to try it but
I imagine there is something obvious I have done wrong or a known bug
with lynx.


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