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Re: Is cygwin much slower on Core 2 Duo

On 2007-06-04 10:08Z, Nenad Antic (KI/EAB) wrote:
> Kerio
> used to be an excellent firewall. It is is even somewhat recommended in
> the Cygwin FAQ.

I don't do much with cygwin except compile C++ in a shell, so
YMMV--but I've used KPF for years, and it never caused me any
problem until last Friday, when I let it "upgrade" itself to
sunbelt (version 4.5.916, the latest).

I'm running ms windows xp on a five-year-old pentium 4, so the
sunbelt problems aren't specific to some new cpu.

> I contacted Sunbelt support
> (the new owners) and after some extra data gathering nothing happened.
> Since then I have updated the firewall twice, currently I have the
> latest release. I things have been worse than ever.
> Anyway, today I removed the Sunbelt Personal Firewall (as it's called
> now)
> My computer is snappy again!

Here are the data I gathered before reverting the "upgrade".
These are timings for one makefile target that does a lot of
text processing, mostly with 'sed', and should take about
one minute...but started taking seven:

With sunbelt personal firewall installed and enabled:

  Elapsed time: 411478 milliseconds

With sunbelt personal firewall installed and disabled:

  Elapsed time: 413927 milliseconds

With sunbelt personal firewall installed, but terminated:

  Elapsed time: 390237 milliseconds exited

It's not enough to disable it temporarily, or even to terminate
all its processes--it has to be uninstalled.

Reverting to Kerio version 4.0.13 :

  Elapsed time: 61417 milliseconds

Same setup for both firewalls. BTW, I've always disabled the
"system security" facility--the one that asks
  is it ok for 'sh' to run 'sed'?
  is it ok for 'sh' to run 'g++'?
which you can answer just once, and
  is it ok for 'sh' to run the program you just built?
which you have to keep answering all the time AFAICT.

> Conclusion: It would seem that Sunbelt have majorly screwed up the old
> Kerio Personal Firewall. It does not seem fit to be used with Cygwin
> anymore. I even question its usefulness altogether because I suddenly
> lately have had a *lot* of minor strange things happening on my
> computer. It's too early to tell if they are completely gone now though.

My experience strongly supports your conclusion.

And this isn't even specific to cygwin. I saw similar results
running the same makefile in a native shell with all native
tools, with no part of cygwin on the path.

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