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Re: scripting and cygwin

Phil Betts wrote:
John wrote on Friday, June 01, 2007 3:05 AM::

I finished the script I have been working on. Unfortunately,
this Pee Cee version won't even finish the full data run
as it crashes with Zone Alarm. Since I have a long term good
relationship with Zone Alarm, I have to write off cygwin.

And here are the timings I get from my Windoze cygwin machine
vs. my MacBook Os X are (comparable machines):

Timings on Windoze cygwin:
Zone Alarm crashes ALWAYS, won't even finish

Timings on Mac OS X:

I am afraid I just have to move all this to my MacBook
and forget about Windoze/cygwin.

You're comparing chalk & cheese and complaining that your mouth's
full of grit. It's not the chalk's fault. It never claimed to tasted good in a sandwich.

Run your script on a Mac emulator running under Windows, (without
removing ZoneAlarm), then report back.  Alternatively, run your
script under Linux on your PC.

You also haven't grasped simple logic, so I dread to think what
your script is like.  (Give us a laugh and post it, I dare you)

Many people have experienced this:
 PC+Windows+ZoneAlarm+Cygwin+Script = Will not run
 PC+Windows+ZoneAlarm+ProgramX      = Will not run
 PC+Windows+Cygwin+Script           = Runs
 PC+Windows+ProgramX                = Runs

What sort of warped logic blames cygwin in this situation?

The experience of many others is that ZoneAlarm is a badly written
program that interferes with the correct operation of all sorts of
software, not just cygwin. What sort of arrogant fool thinks the
experience of countless others in the same circumstance doesn't apply to them?

Cygwin works. I use it all day, every day and have done for years.
I didn't have to do anything special to get it to work. If you can't make it work for you, I suggest that, ultimately, the problem is between your own ears, and you would be better off working on a solution to that rather than wasting our time with your mindless

This is tangentially related to this topic (and I am not trying to put cygwin down, just discussing my problem).

John originally posted the timing results for his scripts, and what peaked my interest is that the timing on widows+cygwin was much slower than on the Mac.

On a thread that I started yesterday (see: slow bash command line and scripts). I noted that my bash is very sluggish, and the script execution very slow. The CPU is mostly idle. The situation did not improve even after I implemented the suggested fixes (PATH cleanup).

Could my problem be related to some other windows/security software installed by the IT department (we have Preventia installed)? (hmm, even I can answer that as :sure it could, but how to verify it? I cannot remove Preventia. I guess that in my ignorance I am still hoping a wizard (or witch) will speed-up my cygwin with a wave of a wand.)



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