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Re: ssh session hangs while running cmd on remote server

KenLee wrote:
I have tried ssh using both interactive and command line mode, and I get the
same results. That is - sorry for being pedantic about this - I had invoked
ssh first with the command line option, and it worked. I invoked ssh again
with the command line again, but it hung this time. Then I just invoked ssh
on its own, and entered the commands one at a time, and it hung again.

Then I ran cygwin directly on the remote server (thinking that it's the VB
script causing the problem), so I entered cmd /c update.kcu (without any
ssh) and it worked just fine.
Maybe it doesn't "hang" at all ...

Something I can see is that a (windows console) program _seems_ to hang, but actually it doesn't. stdout seems to be (block) buffered when run from an xterm or rxvt session, but unbuffered when run from a local standard cygwin window.

One test to see what happens would be to run the program with stdin redirected to /dev/null to get an error message:

cmd /c update.kcu < /dev/null

When I do this, I can see the program's prompt and some output that would be missing otherwise.

What happens, if you do that ?


P.S. BTW: Is there a way to set stdout to unbuffered without modifying the windows console program?

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