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Re: Perl bug?

> On Jan 28 11:57, Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
>> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> > Thanks for the info.  It's interesting to know.  What I still don't
>> get,
>> > however, is the fact that the same statement does not waste memory on
>> > the x86 Linux Perl 5.8.5, but does on the x86 Cygwin Perl 5.8.7 and
>> the
>> > x86_64 Linux 5.8.8.  So it has been introduced only in later versions?
>> > And why is it defended?  It doesn't seem to make sense, rather on the
>> > contrary.
>> This behaviour hasn't changed that I know of.  I verified that a 5.8.5
>> cygwin perl behaves the same way.  Could you confirm your x86 Linux
>> Perl 5.8.5 results again, and send me (privately if you wish) the
>> output of: perl -MConfig=config_sh -we'print config_sh' from that
>> perl?
> I just ran the testcase under strace on the Linux box again and to my
> surprise it behaved identical to the Cygwin and the 64 bit Linux
> version, as you say.  What have I done wrong in my first tests?  Was I
> hallucinating, caffein-induced maybe?

Perhaps your command history could tell you?

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