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Re: Relative vs. Absolute path problem

from your home directory ../../../ = one level up from the cygwin root.

for example... if home is c:\cygwin\home\user then that relative path
would put you at c:\

the root (/) for cygwin is actually the cygwin directory (c:\cygwin)

if you're trying to get just on your c:\ you have to specify it as /cygdrive/c/

I have an application that takes a filename parameter. The application
uses the 'fopen' command to open the filename and process the file
(very simple really). The problem is that when I type the filename as
an absolute path, the file cannot be read, but when it is typed as a
relative path, it works fine. For example,

This works perfectly (from a directory in my home directory): $ ./x264.exe -o out.h264 ../../../testseq/yuv420/COASTGUARD-YUV420-CIF 352x288

Whilst this does not: ./x264.exe -o out.264 /testseq/yuv420/COASTGUARD-YUV420-CIF 352x288

The obvious problem would be that the two paths are not equal, but I
can assure you that this is not the case -they both point to the same
file. The only difference is that one path is relative and the other
is absolute. The permissions are set so all users can read the file.

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