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Re: Compile-time detection of EOL translation mode (CLISP)

Reini Urban (quoting Sam Steingold at the issue tracker
page [1]) wrote:

The original problem is best solved by a
  (setq *default-file-encoding* :unix)
in ~/.clisprc.lisp

As mentioned in an earlier post, that doesn't work for *standard-output*, presumably because it's already :dos before .clisprc runs. It would work if there were a way to change the external-format of an already-open stream. Is there?

Sam also wrote at the issue tracker page [1]:

note that even the cygwin CLISP is expected to write files
useful for other (non-cygwin) programs, so the fact that
they really expect CRLF does matter to us.

Au contraire; speaking for myself, the reason I use Cygwin is to avoid (as much as possible) dealing with Windows's non-unixy things such as CRLFs. If I wanted CLISP to act like a Windows program rather than a unix program, I would use a Windows (non-Cygwin) version of it.

By the way, the cited section of the CLISP implementation
notes [2] says that defined(WIN32) is true in Cygwin, but it




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