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Re: Compile-time detection of EOL translation mode (CLISP)

Reini Urban schrieb:
Aaron Brown schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:

Bug patched at

It's been moved to <> with the following comment from Sam Steingold:

This patch does not seem right.
on linux O_BINARY==0 and I see no reason to default line
termination to :DOS there.
I am rejecting it pending your convincing me that I am
wrong here.

To be honest, it didn't seem quite right to me either, but I figured that was down to me not knowing the ins and outs of how Cygwin handles text modes.

The original logic was:

#if defined(WIN32) || (defined(UNIX) && (O_BINARY != 0))
 pushSTACK(S(Kdos));           /* :line-terminator */
 pushSTACK(S(Kunix));          /* :line-terminator */

which translates to "if O_BINARY is something other than 0, then this unix must differentiate between text and binary streams, so assume that text streams use dos EOLs". That makes sense, except that O_BINARY is nonzero even on (for instance) my Cygwin installation, where I selected unix EOLs as the default with setup.exe.

The patch changes the condition to:

#if defined(WIN32) || (defined(UNIX) && (O_BINARY == 0))

which, as Sam pointed out, would make most unixes (on which O_BINARY is 0) use dos EOLs.

I tought the UNIX O_BINARY logic was only for CYGWIN and wondered what other UNIX that could be.
Ok, so we'll have to use
#if defined(WIN32) || \
(defined(UNIX) && (O_BINARY != 0) && !defined(__CYGWIN__))

or make the call slower by doing a dynamic textmount check.
But I really don't want to do that.

This issue was solved here by adding a documentation chapter to clisp's next version:

See also:

The original problem is best solved by a
  (setq *default-file-encoding* :unix)
in ~/.clisprc.lisp
Reini Urban

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