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Re: Perl bug?

On Jan 27 23:17, Reini Urban wrote:
> Václav Haisman schrieb:
> >If I were you I would report it as a bug to their bug tracker.
> It's no bug, it's a perl feature,

Uh, right, a *feature* ;)

>  and often defended.
> Even dll's are not unloaded.
> If you want to free it, free it explicitly with "undef"
> or with lexicals ("my") go out of scope.
> Same with PHP and python btw. Only GC languages like lisp, ml and its 
> derivates have a proper GC.
> The perl GC they are talking about only "garbage collects" cyclic 
> referenced objects on final destruction, to enable proper free() of 
> externals.

Thanks for the info.  It's interesting to know.  What I still don't get,
however, is the fact that the same statement does not waste memory on
the x86 Linux Perl 5.8.5, but does on the x86 Cygwin Perl 5.8.7 and the
x86_64 Linux 5.8.8.  So it has been introduced only in later versions?
And why is it defended?  It doesn't seem to make sense, rather on the


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