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Re: "cscope -d" can't find trailer offset if path contains space


Phil Edwards wrote:

Fred Ma wrote:

Thanks. Here's some further info:

Ugh. There is no cscope (from sourceware) cygwin binary package that I can find, and a quick attempt at building the source gives me a binary that segfaults on filenames with spaces. The Bell Labs mlcscope source doesn't support spaces in filenames at all, hasn't been updated in a long time, and the link for its mailing list points to a site that's no longer up (hostname itself is gone). I tried grabbing the win32 static binary mentioned there (the one with no public source), and it hangs when filenames contain spaces.

Which link are you referring to? I can work with the maintainer to get that fixed.

I guess I'll stick with ctags until somebody drags cscope kicking and
screaming into the 21st century. :-)



Diane & Dave
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