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Re: ln -s exe magic (coreutils 6.7-2)

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According to Corinna Vinschen on 1/24/2007 2:48 AM:
> This looks rather like a problem with the exe magic in coreutils.  FWIW,
> I never liked the idea to create "foo.exe.lnk" symlinks.  They only slow
> down the symlink processing in Cygwin.

Should we get rid of the special processing in cygwin 1.7.0?

Right now, ./foo could invoke one of ./foo, ./foo.exe, ./foo.lnk, or
./foo.exe.lnk.  Removing support for foo.exe.lnk simplifies this case -
when checking for foo, you only have two fallbacks instead of three.

You can also do ./foo.exe, which invokes ./foo.exe or ./foo.exe.lnk.  But
  here, the .lnk fallback is already covered.

I'm having a tough time thinking of any scenarios that will break in a new
installation if we drop .exe.lnk support; and I'm only slightly worried
that existing cases, such as Pierre's example of /usr/sbin/sendmail.lnk
vs. /usr/sbin/sendmail.exe.lnk, tripping up users.  I would be in favor of
such a change, especially since we can tie it to the fact that we are
bumping the major version number.

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