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Re: "id -Gn" w/ username doesn't return all associated groups. Issue with getgrent()?

On 1/23/07, Mark A. Ziesemer <> wrote:

I apologize for trying to be innovative.  Frankly, a mailing list such
as this does not work the best for me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one
with the same issues.  It's difficult to keep track of messages and issues.
There's no concept of "watching a thread", as far as I can tell.
A stand-alone client doesn't work the best when roaming from computer
to computer.  Gmane is the only method I've found to post by the web,
and it can't even automatically wrap long lines.  (I'd look forward to
your response, but I'm not sure when I'll be back to check this thread,
without getting any email notifications... :-)

(If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle any of this, please
reply!  I'm open to ideas.  And maybe such suggestions can be included
at under notes...)

I'm not sure what imposes the limitations you are working under, but I can make a suggestion or two.

First, gates mailing lists like this to nntp format, where
they can be read with a newsreader.  Gmane is not responsible for
wrapping lines.  Whatever you use to read Gmane traffic is.  Are you
reading it with a newsreader?  If so, which?  If you are reading it
via a web interface, which browser are you using?

Second, you might wish to look at a web based email solution.  These
days, I have Cygwin mail sent to my GMail account.  This offers
several advantages:

1) With 2.8GB of storage and counting, I don't have to worry about
Cygwin list traffic bouncing because my mailbox is full.

2) GMail's "Conversation View" is just *made* for traffic like this.
It provides the sort of threading you want.  (It's not perfect: a
Conversation is distinguished by Subject:, and then sorted by arrival
date.  Variances in subject can result in messages not being included
in the conversation.)

3) I can use Google search facilities to search the mail store for
specific things.

4) The mail is on Google's servers, not my machine.  (I used to use
Outlook for this.  Outlook has problems when the local mail database
file hits 2GB.  That happens sooner rather than later when subscribed
to high volume lists like this.)

5) I can read and reply to the mail from wherever I have a browser and
an internet connection.

6) Gmail is free. :-)

Incidentally, GMail offers an SMTP server. Works fine.

I've sent you a GMail invitation under separate cover to your personal
email address.

Mark A. Ziesemer

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