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Re: Can't start cron daemon in Cygwin 1.5.23 under WinXP SP2

Steve Rowley wrote:

> (1) Starting it via the cron-config script produces this:

Normally this is the only thing you have to do.

>     >In case of problem, examine the log file for cron,
>     >/var/log/cron.log, and the Windows event log
>     >for information about the problem cron is having.

This is the key thing to look at, the actual reason for why it can't
start should be in one of those two locations.

>     >/usr/bin/cygrunsrv: Error enumerating services: OpenService:  Win32 error 5:
>     >Access is denied.

This usually just means there's a registry key for a service that has an
ACL that returns an error when cygrunsrv tries to query its information
to find out if it's a Cygwin service.  Most of the time this can be
ignored as it's some other service not related to Cygwin.  You can get
an idea of what service it is by just running "cygrunsrv -VL" (which is
all that cygcheck is doing here) and see at what point in the list it
stops.  Cygrunsrv should probably be patched to not take this as a fatal
error and continue enumerating services if it hits one that it cannot
read.  In any case it has no bearing on cygrunsrv --install or --remove,
or on your problem I suspect.

> [ATTACHMENT ~/My Documents/cygcheck_output.txt, text/plain]

You didn't actually attach anything, just this text.


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