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RE: file descriptiors

On 22 January 2007 07:38, Wynfield Henman wrote:

> But, "make check" gives me the following information.
> ...Entering directory `/usr/src/assuan/libassuan-1.0.1/tests'
> fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: -> OK Pleased to meet you
> fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: <- # descriptor 4 is in flight
> fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: <- INPUT FD
> fdpassing[3648]: no pending file descriptors!
> fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: -> ERR 101 server fault (general error)
> fdpassing[3296]: sending INPUT FD failed: server fault
> fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: <- BYE
> fdpassing[3648.4] DBG: -> OK closing connection
> FAIL: fdpassing
> ----------------------------
> Which leads me to suspect that file descriptors are related to the problem.

  This test could be trying to do something that cygwin doesn't support:

  If setting CYGWIN=server in your environment doesn't fix it (or if it's
already set in your environment), that's most likely the case.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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