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Re: bash:csh:Command not found

ram001 wrote:
Hi guys

I am new to cygwin. when I am working on cygwin. I created a directory name
Scripts byusing mkdir Scripts in Cygwin. After that I created a csh file
inside the Scripts directory by using cat > Creator.csh. In this file i got
my C shell script. When I am trying to execute the script by using the csh
Creator.csh.It is throwing me an error like bash:csh:command not found. I hope my shell is set default to Bash . how to
run my csh script. Can any one help me out. Thanks

When sending a problem report, please read and follow the problem reporting
guidelines found here:


This keeps people on this list from having to make too many guesses about
what you've done and what your system configuration is.

Absent that, my WAG is that you have CRNL as line-endings in your script,
probably as a result of using an editor that insists on or wasn't
configured to not use them.  See the "Editors" category in 'setup.exe'
for some editors you can install and that will not force you to CRNLs.

You will also find reading the bash release announcement illuminating:


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