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Re: cygwin 1.5.23-2 : I can't use select() with serial device and socket

You don't show the complete output of the two programs. Do you have a device connected to the serial port that echoes the data written? Or a device that provides some data to read? With the first program, how many bytes does it read?

Is the serial port set driver set to generate echo locally? On Linux? On XP? On both?

The second code write on socket, but it says that serial port isn't ready to read.

Your select statement appears to tell that there are no data available to read on the serial port.

You should normally write select() read-write loops so that file descriptors are entered into the write_fdset only if there is something to write. Otherwise the program will be running in a tight loop because the the select() returns telling that (e.g) the serial_fd is ready to accept more data. The point in using select is to have the program sleep until there is something to do.

 while(up_is_open || down_is_open)
   if (up_is_open) {
       FD_SET(space_fd, &write_fdset);
       FD_SET(earth_fd, &read_fds);

   if (down_is_open) {
     if (has_data(down_buffer))
       FD_SET(earth_fd, &write_fdset);
       FD_SET(space_fd, &read_fdset);

   ready_fds = select(max_fd, &read_fdset, &write_fdset, NULL, NULL);
   if (ready_fds < 0) {...}

   if (FD_ISSET(earth_fd, &write_fdset) {...}
   if (FD_ISSET(space_fd, &write_fdset) {...}
   if (FD_ISSET(earth_fd, &read_fdset) {...}
   if (FD_ISSET(space_fd, &read_fdset) {...}


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