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RE: Default For Install Should Be Install Everything

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote on Thursday, January 18, 2007 11:31 PM:

> Michael Boom wrote:
>> When people I tell about Cygwin install it, they tend to use the
>> default.  They don't realize that by clicking the word "Default", it
>> will change to Install, and install everything.  I think the default
>> should be to install everything.  Few people are going to read the
>> installation documentation and few people want to install less than
>> everything.  Does anyone agree?  If so who should I send my opinion
>> to?
> If you're having problems getting people you tell to install Cygwin
> with all packages, why not tell them how to install everything?  Or,
> if you think that's too complex, you could provide a custom package
> server that allows them to download and install everything (see
> <>).  Just
> set up a dummy package that's part of the base category and depends
> on every other package.  Point folks you want to have install
> everything to your server and "voila!", you're done.  Or you could
> provide patches to 'setup.exe' to insert a page with the more
> traditional coarse options of "Full", "Minimal", and "Custom" options
> (see <>).  I'd argue even
> with today's world of more broadband connections, defaulting the
> install to download upward of a GB worth of packages is still going
> to be an issue for most.  But I believe that even if that's not true,
> having a clearer way to install everything would probably resolve any
> current confusion, regardless of the default option set.  As for who
> you should tell, well, I guess that's this list.  If all you want to
> do is tell people about your opinion, I think you're done.  If you're
> interested in doing more than just presenting your opinion, I've
> provided you with a few options to consider as well. :-)             

I would also add that sometimes disk space is an issue, not only
bandwidth.  If there is a vote, I'll go with "default = the minimum
to get up and running".

- Barry
  -  Disclaimer: Statements made herein are not made on behalf of NIAID.

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