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Re: Login shell?

On 17 Jan, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>  * Luke Kendall (Wed, 17 Jan 2007 13:29:31 +1100 (EST))
> > I just want to confirm, that the traditional Cygwin way of achieving
> > this same result is still to modify cygwin.bat on a PC-by-PC basis
> > (assuming one user per PC), rather than to take the traditional Unix
> > way and change the shell field in /etc/passwd?
>  If you want to change your login shell you modify the passwd file.

That's what we do, yes, because our modified cygwin.bat runs shell.exe,
not bash.
>  cygwin.bat is just a target for the shortcut.

But doesn't cygwin.bat run bash (not the shell specified in

> I think the zsh 
>  maintainer has a batch file that creates links to start zsh instead of 
>  bash.

That sounds like it doesn't use /etc/passwd.

Perhaps Michael should have called shell.exe login.exe :-)
shell.c is only 60-odd lines long.

Just to be quite explicit, here is our modified cygwin.bat:

    @echo off
    chdir C:\cygwin\bin


It seems neater to me than the current approach.

I'd like to propose making it an official part of Cygwin.  But I can't
do that since it's not my code: Michael Wardle wrote it (and submitted
it to this list).


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