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Re: HISTFILE in zsh

"Peter A. Castro" <> writes:

> > I'm not sure, it's probably best if someone who knows more about
> > zsh/cygwin will look -- so I've ran another straced zsh, and
> > dumped the result in the same place.  (The bzipped file opens to
> > about 50mb, the fact that it compressed down to so little is a
> > cute way to see that something is stuck in an infinite loop...)
> Ah, Ok, I see.  You just ran strace.  I was hoping you were in gdb
> or something.  No matter.  That's Ok.  I'll debug it.

(Thanks, I'm too lazy to compile from source and retrieve all the
gdb-isms I used to know (not too many...).)

> >> Lastly, have you tried the latest cygwin snapshot?
> >
> > It was there when I posted, so it's supposed to still be pretty
> > recent.  I'm willing to try to update if you think it will help
> > (otherwise, I prefer to keep a working installation).
> Ah.  No.  I was refering to You can
> get a pre-release copy of the latest cygwin before it's officially
> released.  Often times this fixes peoples problems until it's
> officially rolled out.

Ah.  I prefer to avoid that -- it's important to me to have a working
environment, and hacking a simple history save/load thing is very
easy (and zsh still does it's thing with the history when it's
running, so I'm not really losing anything).

> One more thing.  Can you send me the output from the 'setopt', 'env'
> and 'set' commands so I can see what you have set?  Be sure to
> remove any sensitive information first.  Thanks!

Too big to attach, so I've put the results in the same place
(  (My environment is roughly the same on Cygwin
and a bunch of Unix/Linux platforms, I don't have anything special in
my cygwin setup.)

> > (BTW, I'm reading/posting through Gmane, so please CC me.)
> Sorry, but I'm not familiar with Gmane.  How would I go about CC'ing
> you there?

I meant CC me, as opposed to replying only to the list.  Gmane is a
mailing-list->news gateway which makes it easy to read mailing lists
as newsgroups -- but I don't check it too often.  (And drowning in
mailing lists, which is why Gmane can be very convenient.)

          ((lambda (x) (x x)) (lambda (x) (x x)))          Eli Barzilay:
                         Maze is Life!

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